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Your remark is irrelevant to our argument. It'll take time. Humans descend from apes. This house is mine.

Roland is getting cold feet. Julian's boots sank into the deep snow. The teacher controls the class, usually standing in front of the students and lecturing to them during the lesson.

It's in your interest to go. I've never stolen anything in my life. This is all I know. A tattered flag which continues to flutter in the wind. We shall overcome all our difficulties.

It's been a long time since I've seen my family. Can you identify the man using this picture? He left his books all around the house. Where are you going on holiday? This is a story of love and betrayal. Nobody likes you. My father is going for a walk in the park. My wife is cooking right now. Troublemakers rarely become model citizens. You remember Ami and Douglas, don't you?

What's he on about? Companies were organized to carry out the move. And this is my page. If it weren't for her help, I would not be alive now. This is a spotted dog. I did that ages ago. No one knows his address but Vance. The view's good from here. I can't do sports. Even in videogames.

If you drive your car like that, you'll end up in hospital. They bought a new RV. Tokyo seems to have got the message from Washington. The first term starts in April. He has the strength to survive the illness. Isn't he a bit young? What division of the company do you work in?

We're here to protect you. Was there something you wanted to say? The police were very cooperative. Turn it off. Saul was a good father. The building is rotten inside and out. Marc always lets us help. I'm going to show Corey how to do it. She is growing tall. The doctor examined the patient.

If you want, I can show you how to do that. She was wearing long boots. How long have Major and Jochen been going out with each other?

The soldier refused to fire his rifle at the enemy. I got this bicycle for free. I was on my way to see him.

Bush won all the wars he fought. He is a tennis player. I won't fail this time. It's not a good time. Please serve the guests some coffee, dear. So who did he tell the new story to? You're illiterate.

The court condemned the man to death by lethal injection.

May I ask you another question? Which car did you buy? The most frustrating thing that can happen to you, on Tatoeba, is to report a mistake to somebody, and that not only they don't correct it, but they create the variant with the correction that you suggested...without thanking you. The car looked good as new.

The longer you let the tomato sauce simmer, the tastier it will be. Hughes's the most beautiful girl I've ever actually talked to.

I can't keep pace with your plan. It's not about how much you're worth, but how much they are going to pay for having you. Pete is never going to stop being mad at me. That man ruined them completely. I don't prefer to wear red lipstick. I should've asked Vadim first. A bout lasts about five minutes.

Jamie actually didn't know the answer. After all, even the gods may err at times. Who was playing? I was surprised Alberto didn't come yesterday. I offered her father a glass of punch. I often go downtown on Sunday. I know a good restaurant that's inexpensive. Bea usually prefers to ride in the back seat. Don't take your opponent lightly.

The Polish language is on trial!

We've come nearer to the sea. I can smell it. Does Matthias know where Wendi is? Life's meaning has always eluded me and I guess it always will. But I love it just the same. I can't read Arabic script. It was exceptionally cold last summer, and the rice crop was the worst in 10 years. I'm looking forward to competing. Jesper couldn't hide his feelings. In my last letter, I mentioned that I was quite busy. With his bright red hair, Carl really stands out in a crowd of people.

Art and I used to be friends. I visited Rome for the first time in my life. I'm prepared for the worst. Antony asked Leonard to throw the rotten apple into the garbage. I don't want to lend or borrow. The director boasted of his status. How would you fix it? He explained how to play the guitar to me.

Never again! It took Pieter almost three hours to get home. It was very disappointing. This book deals with psychology.